Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Urban cowboys - etchings.

Having searched the net for a string of different themes and collections I have finally settled on 'Urban Cowboys'. Many of the best pictures I found were heavily protected by copyright and not easy to cut and paste. I decided to use several of the cowboys as inspiration for a series of etchings. I particularly liked the incongruous relationship between the found images and the unexpected subtlety of the etched ones.The former are cheesy, brash, brightly coloured and very personal - the latter are much more mysterious and circumspect.
(Two of my original etchings are missing in the printstudio because I forgot to label the layer they were stacked in). Experimenting with etching, monoprinting and digital manipulation has meant that I have posted a collection on my blog. They are found below the individual shots of the lovely cowboys. Also couldn't resist posting the latest free image from Gilbert & George - for fun. I also contemplated a series of screen printed panels on "Lord Brown" using my cowboys and tattoo imgaes, as well as found imagery from the "suited & booted scandal". Abandoned idea as I wasn't comfotable re media intrusion.

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James Buchanan said...

May I say, I'm tickled. I like your take on the cover.